Ha Noi puts best face forward-Vietnamnews 15Mar2012

HA NOI — An art exhibition entitled Nha Mat Pho (Houses Facing the Street) by Nguyen The Son, focusing on the rapidly changing nature of the capital, is on display at the Goethe Institute. Son has utilised “giclee print” technology in his work, which features huge billboards covering entire house fronts in various colours. Ha Noi’s residential buildings, which have long shaped the face of the city, are changing: instead of windows and balconies that facilitate communication between neighbours, tall billboards seal houses off, both towards the street, the outside... Read The Rest →

Midnight conversation – Saigon Citylife – May 2007

The series of photographs of the elongate shadows of tree on the pavements of late evening Ha noi, depict a beauty in the interzone between reality and the shadow-reality where things exist without rigid defination. The pavement shadowlay out in compositions both poetic an mundane. Intersting how, the angle attract Nguyen The Son talking his shots are either above on a high tree branches or down below under neath our feet as shadows. It is where things exist daily as they are in front of us, but we rarely paid... Read The Rest →